Webinar Class FAQs

How do I join the webinar?

Once you have Registered and Paid using the link that was emailed to you, or found here: AlyssaMonks.com/instruction, you will receive a Confirmation Email directly from ZOOM. That email contains your link to join the class when it begins.

I never got my Confirmation Email! Will you be sending it to me?

Nope. That email comes directly from zoom, specifically from no-reply@zoom.us. Please check your Spam/Junk folder. If you find it there, add it to your safe list, add it to your contact list, or create a filter that sends emails from no-reply@zoom.us to your Inbox and never sends it to spam. If you do not find it there, it was likely automatically deleted based on your email’s settings. If you have tried all these options and haven’t found it, please email studio@alyssamonks.com with your receipt from paypal and we will send you a link to join the webinar. You have incorrectly typed in your email address when registering. Please be mindful of this in the future to ensure you get the confirmation email.

Will I be able to watch the class later if I register?

You can watch the video on demand through Vimeo, where you can purchase it and watch it forever. https://vimeo.com/alyssamonks/vod_pages

The zoom video on demand for those who register for the live event is not available. So –if you know you can’t make it to the live event, wait and get it on Vimeo instead. If you want to be there live and to have it on demand, you will need to purchase the webinar twice.

How do I see all Alyssa’s screens at the same time?

Use “Gallery View” as opposed to “Speaker View” during the Webinar. If you are using the desktop Application, you can hover your pointer over the top right area of your window to reveal the button “Gallery View”. If you are on the browser application, it will be on the left side. If you are on an Ipad or Cell phone, you can swipe to the left twice to access “Gallery View”. If you are still having trouble using zoom, please refer to https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206175806#h_bd83fa44-e32f-47b6-8fd6-0e2d1eb6077b

I left the Webinar, how do I re-join?

The link that was send to you upon registration will work to rejoin the webinar if you leave. Be sure to copy it in its entirety to get all the letters included before pasting it into your browser.

How come I can’t type in the chat?

The chat is disabled during the Online Class. This is where Notes for the Class will be posted.

How do I save the notes from the Chat?

You can select the notes in the chat by clicking inside the chat box anywhere you want to copy and hit “command-A” or “⌘A” and then when all of the text is selected, press “command-C” or “⌘C”. The text is now copied to your “clipboard”. You can paste it into a word document or an email to yourself by clicking where you want to paste it and pressing “command-V” or “⌘V”.

Will the Chat notes be available in the video on demand?

No. But you can take your own notes, which is a great way to absorb the information! And we are going to do a screen share of the materials list, so you can take a screenshot. Do this by pressing “command-shift-3” on your keyboard. That’s ⌘ shift 3.

Can you send me the notes from the Chat to my Email?


Can you send me the Q&A’s to my email?


Where Can I Purchase the Class On Demand if I didn’t register for the Live Webinar?

All Classes are available for purchase here: https://vimeo.com/alyssamonks/vod_pages

Where can I sign up for updates for each week’s Class?

Go to AlyssaMonks.com/Contact and fill out the form. Be sure to check the box for “Webinar/Online Classes”

How do I ask Alyssa Questions while she is teaching?

You can enter questions into the Q&A box during the Webinar. You can also “like” other questions to encourage those questions to go to the top and get answered sooner. Please keep your questions to the topic discussed in the webinar. All other questions will not be addressed.

How Can I purchase the Demonstration Alyssa is making?

Please email Studio@AlyssaMonks.com

Can I share the webinar with my friends?

Yes, please share AlyssaMonks.com for all the links to join webinars, sign up for updates, and access classes on Demand.You cannot share your link to join a webinar that you registered for, it will NOT grant them access unless they register themselves.

PayPal won’t take my credit card! Can I be added if I send a check?

At this point, no one can be added manually to join the webinar. If you are having issues with using the registration site, please contact Zoom for help. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362003-Zoom-Video-Communications-Technical-Support  PayPal does not require you to have a PayPal account to use your credit card to join.